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About us

We are 2 brothers, gamers, sport junkies and recently also iOS developers from "the little big country" Slovakia. It has always been our dream to develop and release at least one game and we were trying hard to make this dream come true. We love playing all kinds of games and we know, that if a team wants to win a game, it has to have at least one key player. On our team, we have 2 of them :)

Key Player 1

Key Player 1

Key Player 2

Key Player 2


"A real hidden gem of the App Store"

"It's certainly original enough"

"Wer Puzzlespiele fernab des Mainstreams mag, der wird mit Tiliard sicherlich voll auf seine Kosten kommen"

"Slovenský logický rýchlik"

"Trošku logiky, trošku kulečníku a trošku osmibitů"

"Koncept Tiliardu je jednoduchý a zábavný"

"An amazingly unique puzzle game"

"This one is for puzzle lovers"

"Hry způsobující závislost #25 a vývojáři ze Slovenska"


Drop us a line in English, auf Deutsch, Magyarul or po Slovensky ;)

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