Tiliard is going FREE with this new update... and it's going to stay that way... forever :) No IAPs, no ads... get the full game for absolutely nothing, enjoy and let us know how you like it.

Check out what's new in version 1.3:

+ iOS 7 stuff (additional app icon sizes, Share button fix)

+ added animation for Play/Resume/Continue button

+ replaced Gift button with Rate button

+ fixed ranking for new Table Record(s)

+ new Table Records for table 5-5, 5-7, 5-8 and 5-10

+ changed the visuals of +/- power-ups in tile hall 5

+ updated link for Where To Jump? and added a new one for Lums

+ new flat icon

Icon (ver. 1.3)

Thanks a lot to all the Tilehall Junkies who bought and supported

^^ 17.01.2014

Cool, KnowThyApp.com summed up Tiliard in a one sentence review saying: "This game of pool is more puzzle game than pub game... but just as difficult to play while intoxicated!".

4/5 - KnowThyApp.com - "Tiliard"

Thanks for the toxic one-liner ;)

^^ 24.08.2013

Guess which game was reviewed as the very very very first at GameplayMagazine.com? That's right, Tiliard!

It scored a nice 74 and AJ wrote that: "I've never played a game with mechanics like this; it was a refreshing twist for a puzzle game and was actually quite ingenious for 2 Key Players first foray into the games world.".

74 - GameplayMagazine.com - "Tiliard - Review"

Thank you very much! That's so cool! We love you Gameplay Magazine :)

^^ 02.08.2013

Check out our cool AppsRulezz 2013 SHORTLIST certificates!

Apps Rulezz 2013 SHORTLISTs


This year's AppRulezz ceremony to award the best mobile & TV apps was held yesterday. Unfortunately, without the presence of 2 Key Players. Nevertheless, our Tiliard made it to the SHORTLIST in two separate categories - best mobile and best tablet app. We really didn't expect this to happen, but are extremely happy about it. Being "shortlisted" among more than 160 apps feels great.

AppsRulezz 2013 Winners


We love competitions. That's why we nominated Tiliard for AppsRulezz 2013. It's the 3rd annual mobile & TV apps award for apps made in Slovakia.

If you like Tiliard, please show it by liking this. Thanks a lot in advance! We promise to stay humble even if we win something :P

^^ 7.03.2013

Appliště.cz thinks that Tiliard is a game with a 4/5 addiction level with only a single flow, which Adam Kos described as: "finding a solution in this game hurts so much!".

Appliště.cz - "Hry způsobující závislost #25 a vývojáři ze Slovenska"

Thanks a lot for a great article, a fair shout out, a briliant competition and a high addiction level ;)

^^ 20.05.2013

Yeah, the newest Tiliard update is finally available on the App Store and it's BIG. Check out all the new stuff in version 1.2:

+ optimization for iPhone 5

+ menu layout changes for iPad

+ iCloud support

+ GC leaderboard

+ new bonus tile hall

+ "skip table" feature

+ improved Best Score mechanics

+ table color and tile set selection

+ Gift and Share buttons

+ "skip tile movement" feature

+ Key Apps promo

+ new icon

Icon (ver. 1.2)

+ modified iTunes screens

iTunes 1 iTunes 2 iTunes 3

iTunes 4 iTunes 5

^^ 07.05.2013

Lookie, lookie who reviewed our little game. No other than AppSpy.com :)

AppSpy's Dave Flodine wrote (and Andrew Nesvadba said it in the video review) that Tiliard is: "A novel concept in basing a puzzle game around sinking billiard balls, but takes a lot of time and patience to learn and conquer.". They also think that: "It's certainly original enough."

3/5 - AppSpy.com - "Tiliard Review"

Thank you guys so very much! We'll try to smooth out the game mechanics and give more flair to the visuals in the next Tiliard update ;)

^^ 05.03.2013

Tiliard was nominated for the "Best Slovak game" award at BOOOM 2012.

BOOOM 2012

It's a great honor for us and we are very glad to be amongst the best :)

^^ 16.02.2013

Phew, Tiliard is finally out and since we like challenges, we think that now is the right time to set some goals for us and our little game. Here are the things we would like Tiliard to achieve in the future, so that we can say it has really been successful:

» Add support for iPad (by making Tiliard a universal app)   

» Get a positive review from any local (SK/CZ) press   

» Get a positive review from any foreign press   

» Get 10 Five-star ratings on the App Store   

» Reach 1 000 downloads   

What do you think, can Tiliard achieve this humble goals? We think so and hope that until the end of 2012 all of them will be marked as achieved ;)

^^ 17.07.2012 22.07.2012 16.09.2012 05.10.2012 28.10.2012 20.01.2013

The 24th of November 2012 was a BIG day for us. For the fisrt time in our short existence we were giving a public speech about Tiliard on this year's digital-lifestyle show called NextGen Expo 2012. It has been a great new experience for us.

NextGen Expo 2012

Both Key Players would like to thank SECTOR.sk and especially its editor-in-chief, Pavol Buday, for inviting us and giving us the chance to talk a bit about Tiliard. We really appreciate it a lot ;)

^^ 25.11.2012

Because October 26th is a very special day for one Key Player, we have decided to make Tiliard FREE for the whole weekend. What are you still doing here? Go grab it here ;)

The first Tiliard sale is over :( Take a look at how Tiliard's downloads were affected by it.


Thanks to this sale we finally did get the long awaited 10th Five-star App Store review :) Now, only one last goal remains...

^^ 26.10.2012 28.10.2012

Woohoo! The first German Tiliard review by iReviewT.com is finally online.

The guys there think that [translated]: "Tiliard is a clever and innovative mix of puzzle and billiard ... Tiliard's gameplay introduces some really remarkable ideas that could have a bright future on the AppStore. We were totally satisfied with this product and can only recommend it.".

B+ (★★★★☆) - iReviewT.com - "Tiliard - Review"

"Danke schön" for this fantastic review :)

^^ 12.10.2012

"Einfach toll" ... This is how we could describe the first German article about Tiliard coming from iPlayApps.de.

iPlayApps posted that [translated]: "Everyone who likes puzzle games from outside the mainstream will definitely enjoy Tiliard a lot."

iPlayApps.de - "Tiliard: forderndes Puzzle im Billard-Stil"

"Vielen Dank" for the great article :)

^^ 11.10.2012

The second English Tiliard review comes from a blog called The Apple Tree and its editor Isaac P-H.

Isaac wrote: "Tiliard for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is an amazingly unique puzzle game ... Overall, Tiliard is definitely a hidden gem of a game on the App Store.".

5/5 - The Apple Tree - "Tiliard by 2 Key Players"

An amazing review! Thanks a lot Isaac :)

^^ 06.10.2012

The first foreign Tiliard review by InsideMobileApps.com and its editor Pete Davison is online.

Pete wrote: "In its current state, Tiliard is an excellent puzzle game - a real hidden gem of the App Store that deserves to see some success ... its originality, excellent and distinctive presentation, entertaining gameplay and respect for its players are all factors worthy of a considerable amount of praise".

InsideMobileApps.com - "Tiliard brings innovative pool-style puzzling to iOS"

This is simply a perfect review! Thank you :) That's another goal down :D

^^ 05.10.2012

Sorry for the late update, we had a lot of work at work :( But better later than never :) Check out the latest Tiliard review by TouchPlay.sk and its editor Tomáš Fiala.

Tomáš described Tiliard as [translated]: "The game delighted me with its execution, fresh idea and especially graphics, which is amazing in my opinion..." and TouchPlay.sk gave it a rating of 3,5/5.

★★★½☆ - TouchPlay.sk - "Tiliard"

Thank you very much for this fine review ;)

^^ 28.09.2012

Yes, Tiliard is now officially a universal app. Wanna know what else is new in update 1.1?

+ Retina graphics for iPhone/iPod Touch

+ enhanced Aiming Assistant

+ new Score Setter for table 3-9

+ other minor improvements

+ new iTunes screenshots :)

iPhone 1 iPhone 2 iPhone 3

iPad 1 iPad 2 iPad 3

^^ 16.09.2012

Unbelievable :) The largest slovak gaming portal SECTOR.sk just posted an article about Tiliard.

SECTOR's chief editor himself, Pavol Buday, stated that [translated]: "Tiliard, sold for just a few cents, is a super challenging mobile game. The level of difficulty rises from level to level. All the more beautiful is the feeling of progression to the next level after the 50th attempt."

SECTOR.sk - "Slovenský logický rýchlik Tiliard"

Thank you so much for this awesome article!

^^ 17.08.2012

Check out the second czech review of Tiliard by Appliště.cz and its chief editor Jakub Michlovský.

Jakub described Tiliard as [translated]: "The first few levels are quite easy, but then things get tougher and puzzle-lovers are going to sweat from all possible parts of the body." and according to his words he enjoyed playing it.

Appliště.cz - "Tiliard (recenze)"

Thanks a lot for this great review ;)

^^ 15.08.2012

What do we have here? The first czech review of Tiliard by iTouch.cz and its editor Martin Čulák.

Martin described Tiliard as [translated]: "The concept of Tiliard is easy and fun, but potting all tiles and achieving the STAR rank can be very challenging." and he seemed to like it.

iTouch.cz - "Tiliard pro iPhone"

We like his review very much :) Thanks!

^^ 30.07.2012

You wanna know what really made us happy and what showed us that creating Tiliard was a good thing to do?

Firstly it was a review on the Slovak App Store where a user called RRr707 described Tiliard as [translated]: "The best puzzle game for iPhone - I recommend it!". What more can we wish for? Thanks a lot :)

And secondly it was when we saw this thread created by .THOTH. on the Touch Arcade forum called Tiliard by 2 Key Players. He calls Tiliard a "hidden gem" among puzzle games ot the App Store and that is truly an honor for us and our humble game. Thank you so much :)

^^ 29.07.2012

The first slovak review of Tiliard by iPhoneMánia.sk and its editor Michal Chovaňák is online.

Michal described Tiliard as [translated]: "Tiliard is really a great relaxing game in which you can also sharpen your logical thinking. It has almost nothing to do with common billiard simulators and is truly unique on the App Store." and gave it the highest possible score - Excelent 5/5 a score 4/5 (because of a change in their scoring system).

★★★★☆ - iPhoneMánia.sk - "Tiliard – biliard v štýle logickej hry"

Thanks a lot! This means one goal less to go for Tiliard :)

^^ 22.07.2012 01.09.2012

Tiliard is available on the App Store and we are getting more and more requests from you guys, to describe Tiliard in a little bit more details. We are pleased by your interest and because we are listening to our fans, we wrote a small background info to provide more details about Tiliard. Enjoy :)

Let us start at the beginning. We both are gamers and we both play pool in the 1st Slovak National Pool League representing Moldava nad Bodvou, the city we were born and live in. But, for Tiliard to become reality we needed one additional inspiration ... Trainyard. This great game by Matt Rix inspired the younger key player to come up with the idea of Tiliard. And so it all started...

Tiliard is a unique mix of pool billiard and puzzle combined in one game. The goal of the game is to clear a table by potting all tiles (instead of balls) into holes. There are no cues in Tiliard. You shoot tiles using a white Cue tile. The number of these tiles is limited to maximum 15 per table. The Cue tile affects all the tiles surrounding it, so it's possible to shoot multiple tiles with one shot.

The main idea, that makes Tiliard so special is that each tile can only move by as many positions as indicated by the number on it. So for example the 7-tile always moves 7 positions on the table grid. If you manage to clear a table, you are presented with a rank for your solution. The lower the number of shots you take, the higher the rank you earn. The lowest rank is PLAYER, followed by PRO and the highest rank is STAR. Tiliard also contains an additional challenge in not only getting the STAR rank, but also finding the best solution with a score that matches the one of the table's author. The score in Tiliard is simply calculated as the number of shots times number of positions each tile moves by. If you manage to match this so called Best Score, you'll be awarded with a Best Score award and have earned our respect ;) But as Tiliard provides multiple ways to clear a table, we might have missed the best possible solution for some of them. If you find it, you'll be awarded with a Table Record award and you should immediatly send us your solution. Your name will appear as the Best Score setter for that table in the next update of Tiliard.

If you've not finished reading yet, you must realize that Tiliard is not an easy game. It's difficulty level is very high. That's why we created 4 different tile halls. The first one is called Training and here you should learn and train all the basic stuff you'll need later in the game. The second tile hall is called Power. It's because from this tile hall on, the power of your shots is important. This means that tiles have to stop exactly above a pocket to drop into them. The third tile hall is called Direction and it features some useful power-ups (like arrows) that should help (or maybe confuse) you in the process of potting tiles. And finally, the last tile hall is called Spin. It's the one we are most proud of because it adds a new element that changes everything :D

OK, so this is a short description of Tiliard and its history. Thanks for reading and we hope you will give it a try and write an honest review ;)

^^ 18.07.2012

Yes, yes, yes! The wait is finally over and we have made our dream come true. Tiliard is available on the App Store, go get it now and please let us know what you think of it ;) Thanks a lot in advance!

What, you're still here? Why are you not playing Tiliard? OK, that's maybe because you want to see what Tiliard has been through in the last couple of days. Here are all the status changes with their exact dates and times:

» Waiting for Upload: 03.07.2012 at 6:10 PM

» Waiting for Review: 03.07.2012 at 6:24 PM

» In Review: 14.07.2012 at 1:30 AM

» Processing for App Store: 14.07.2012 at 3:06 AM

» Ready for Sale: 14.07.2012 at 3:17 AM

^^ 14.07.2012

Today, at about 18:30, we have successfully submitted Tiliard to the App Store for further review. Want to see some proof? Here it is:

Submission Succeeded

Now all we have to do is wait :)

^^ 03.07.2012

We know, the first gameplay teaser did not really show much from Tiliard (if someone asks, we did that on purpose :D). That's why we recorded a new gameplay video showing some of Tiliard's advanced game mechanics. Just sit back, enjoy and let us know if you like it :)

^^ 27.06.2012

To prove that Tiliard is not as simple as it may seem from our first gameplay video, here are 3 additional screenshots of some more advanced tables.

The One Ghost Keepers Follow Your Heart

What do you think? Could you clear those tables and match (or even beat) the best score?

^^ 26.06.2012

Hey, check out the first ever teaser showing the basic gameplay of Tiliard. It only shows the first 3 tables of the first and second tile hall, but at least you can finally see Tiliard in motion :)

^^ 23.06.2012

Tiliard Beta

We are very happy to announce that today is the day Tiliard reached its beta stage. Want to help us find some bugs and make Tiliard a better game before we release it?

If so, do not hesitate, join our team of beta-testers and send us your UDID. We still have 3 promo codes waiting to be redeemed after Tiliard is out on the AppStore :)

^^ 17.06.2012

As promised earlier... here are some screenshots from the updated version of Tiliard. Enjoy ;)

Loading... Menu Credits

Tile Hall and Table Selection Gameplay Rank

^^ 17.06.2012

First of all please let us thank all of you who replied and tried to help us choose the best icon for Tiliard. The 9-tile and 11-tile both had the same number of votes so we came up with the 8-tile :) This is definitely the one we like best and that's why we'll stick with it. Tamtadadaaa, this is it:


Do you like it?

We need your help! We can't decide which icon to use for Tiliard. Can you help us choose one? Here are the 3 possibilities:


Which one do you like the best? Is it the 9-tile, 10-tile or the 11-tile? You decide, so let us know and get a chance to win one of the four remaining promo codes :)

^^ 06.06.2012 17.06.2012

Wow, time passes really fast... look at the date of our last message... unbelievable :) In the past 6 months we didn't have time for Tiliard and so, naturaly, we did not have anything new to share with you. But during the last 4 weekends we have worked hard and changed a lot of things. Besides rebuilding the whole menu and controls layout, we tried to make Tiliard easier to play (and to understand). The result of all this is also a brand new logo:


New screenshots are comming soon so be sure to check back next week ;)

^^ 31.05.2012

Want to see some new screenshots from Tiliard? Here you go :)

Info Ranking

^^ 15.10.2011

Since the first day we started working on Tiliard, we were pretty sure that we wanted to have a T made of tiles as the game's logo. Unfortunately, we didn't know how to depict the rest of the title. But that's history now. Let us present you our official Tiliard logo:


How do you like it? And did you notice the changes in the screenshots? Do they look better or worse than before? Let us know, we would like to know your opinion ;)

^^ 20.09.2011

Oh dear, it's been a long time since our last post. It can almost look like we gave up. But have no fear, we're back and excited to show you the first 3 screenshots from the alfa-version of Tiliard.

Menu Gameplay Credits

The screenshots are in Slovak on purpose, so those of you who speak our language have a slight advantage... others are encouraged to use a dictionary for now :P

What do you think? Do you like them or hate them? Or did you expect something else? Let us know, we are looking forward to it. And maybe these screenshots will help you win one of the 4 remaining promo codes ;)

^^ 25.08.2011 04.09.2011

We know, we have been away for a long time and we are really sorry that we didn't update the page every week (or two) as we initially planned to, but we'll try to change that... we promise :) To prove it, we're going to share the title of our first game with you.

Until now, nobody was able to discover the IDEA behind our game, so maybe the title will help you a bit. OK, so without any further delay... here it is... Tiliard.

Nice one, isn't it? Now all you need to do is to guess what it's going to be about and a promo code is yours ;) Good luck and check back for more updates in a week (or two).

^^ 10.05.2011

The Idea

This is the initial sketch of the idea, based on which our game is being created. What do you think, what is it about? Send us your guess and if you are among the first 5, you receive a promo code for it on the day it appears on AppStore.

^^ 19.02.2011

Hello, 2 Key Players welcome you on their brand new pages. Today (see date at the end of this message) we started the real game. Until now we were only sitting and thinking but not any longer. We finally came up with an idea of a game that is going to be our first.

Luckily for us (and maybe also for you :)) we have been playing games for our whole lives so we know a bit or two about good/bad games. Unluckily neither one of us did inherit any really-cool-art-genes so we can only stick to game-desing and coding. But for a good game that is not enough and so we contacted an artist Pietro Royalty, who is going to help us with all the art and sounds.

You want to know what kind of a game it's going to be? The only thing we can say at the moment is, that it's a puzzle game in ... you ... play ... and ... (connection lost :))

You can't wait for it to come out? We too, but unfortunately it's not coming out very soon. Our goal is to finish it until the end of July 2011 August 2012 but because we both are working for an international software company, we do not have a lot of free time and we can only work on it during weekends and holidays. Please be patient, we know it will be worth it ;)

^^ 26.12.2010 03.07.2011 31.05.2012